Friday, December 26, 2014

New Year's Resolutions: Resolution One: 52 Hats in 52 Weeks

Less than a week until 2015. I have a few resolutions. I like resolutions. It might stem from my enjoyment of making lists, or the comfort that comes from the promise the new year holds for a fresh start. Whatever it is, I like making resolutions. Will I succeed at completing them all? I have no idea. I do know, I will at least try, and that should count for something.

My first resolution is to knit/crochet fifty-two hats over the course of the fifty-two weeks that 2015 holds. What am I going to do with fifty-two hats? Well, I appreciate the vote of confidence that I will actually succeed at knitting/crocheting fifty-two hats in 2015. Look at me, the resolution is barely out of my mouth and already I am playing it safe and doubting myself.

If I manage to make fifty-two hats, they will end up becoming gifts. Gifts for friends, gifts for family. Which is nice because that will give me a lot of free time during next year's holiday shopping season to do something else instead of trying to find the perfect present for everyone on my list.

I've added a few, almost fifty, hat patterns to my queue over at Ravelry. There is even a group dedicated to the pursuit of knitting/crocheting fifty-two hats over the course of fifty-two weeks. Stumbling upon said group inspired me to take up the challenge in 2015. And I plan to document my progress here, which will help with another resolution I have for 2015 that I will write about in a future entry.

I hope that if anything, this challenge will get me knitting and crocheting more. Take more risks, take on new challenges and learn new skills. I want to learn to knit socks. I want to learn double knitting, fair isle, colorwork, I want to make a sweater, I want to make a colorwork sweater. None of that will happen unless I keep making things. The more I knit, the more confident I will become in my skills. (I hope. At least that is what I have heard.)

Also, I hope this will put a dent in my yarn stash. I really want to scale it down.

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