Wednesday, April 30, 2014

To dream, perchance to create a moderately interesting story.

I had a dream last night.

It was a world much like our own. Only the technology had advanced to the point of implants and replacements. Instead of Google glasses and Google contact lenses, straight up Johnny Mnenomic slash Shadowrun implantation tech. The computer is in your head, that sort of thing.

In this world, the majority are aware that at a certain date in the very near future, the entire world is going to be thrown back in time to the Edo period. We are aware of certain rules for this event.

One, once we are thrown back into this time period, there is a bubble of an opportunity for our technology to continue to work. Once everyone in your domicile has left said domicile at least once, your technology will stop working, all traces of it will disappear and everything will be replaced with Edo era items. The governments are using this to their advantage and setting up sections where one person has volunteered to man the building, no matter what, to make certain their nation can keep in touch with other nations. Various nations are also encouraging their citizens to do the same.

In this dream, when we are thrown back to the Edo period, Jonathan goes outside to see what is happening. When he turns around, our apartment is replaced with Edo style housing. When he steps into our apartment again, it is still the same apartment with the same technology that is still working. The internet still works. The lights, the water, the air conditioning, et cetera. I step out to inspect and see what is up. I can go back inside and the apartment is still the same. Jonathan and I both step out together. We turn around and notice Tesla toddling towards the open door. We race back to keep her from crossing the door frame.

Too late. Our tech is gone now that we all have crossed over. If one member remains inside, all our tech would still work. Now, when we go back inside, everything is replaced with Edo period items.

There is a downside. For those with implants it is a sacrifice needing to be made in order to not go insane. For whatever reason, while technology that is not implanted works fine, any replacements but particularly the cranial implants tend to malfunction.

Remember the internet during the late 90s? All those pop up advertisements and crazy viruses?  Something similar is happening to those with cranial implants.Imagine having your vision, your hearing flooded with a constant and very loud stream of pop up adds or having an audio book read over and over and maximum volume in your head.

In order for this to stop, everyone in the domicile must exit at least once.

There is a group in this dream that is desperately trying to convince a roommate to step outside. The roommate does not have any implants, too expensive for his salary. But he does enjoy technology. He doesn't quite understand the pain his cranial enhanced roommates are experiencing. He does know that once he steps out of their townhouse, there will be no more internet. No more video games. No more contact with loved ones via a Skype type of video phone.

Eventually the roommate who only has a cybernetic leg manages to drag him out. Once he is out, everything goes quite finally for his roommates. He is angry about the loss of tech and it will effect his decisions later on.

The rest of the dream involved flashing from one set of characters to another as they dealt with their decisions and life in this weird Edo period slash post modern technology filled world.

This was a really entertaining dream to have. I woke up wanting to watch more and really hoping there was a book to read. Then I realized it was a dream and there was probably no book series.

This another of those times when I should go ahead and write this.

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