Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5,2015

January 1,2015:

I overcame my fear of cooking beans. Specifically taking dry beans and cooking them long enough in enough liquid to make them not only edible but delicious. I also made the most delicious pot of collard greens today.

January 2,2015

I stayed up a little later and knit ten more rows on my first hat in the 52 hats in 52 weeks challenge.  I also knit twenty rows in the scarf I am making as a gift.

January 3,2015
 I bought a tiny toy Chevy Impala and some amazing perfume. I spent the rest of the evening doing a bad impression of Dean Winchester. I finished the scarf.

January 4,2015
 I made J. laugh. I finished the hat.

January 5,2015
 I sat in the sun on the back porch and played in the sandbox with T. I watched Whose Line is it Anyway? videos on Youtube with J. I knit twenty more rows on another scarf that is meant as a gift.

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